I figured out a way to make them simpler involving more work though, but simpler - at least this what I thought - however preserving the big size. Two months before the exhibition, my mistake became evident when I started to plan the way how to show my works. I came to realize that there it was impossible to show big art works in a hall, making them look good and not obstructing the passage.

With this scenario I had to defeat myself and abandon my “grandiloquence”, I chose three sculptures and 11 digital drawings. Some of them are figurative and some are abstract, but all of them are sensual, organic and of a small format.

All of the works that I am presenting here now had already a title except for one, for which I couldn’t come up with a suitable name.
I decided to ask for help and called to my friend
Bernardo: What name comes to you?
Eva-B: I don’t know, I guess I am not good at this...
Eva-B: That’s of course not the title
Bernardo: I don’t know is a good name
Eva-B: I guess I’m not
Bernardo: I guess I am not ...is much better title. ..
Eva-B: Yes, it’s good!!
Bernardo: This will be the name for the new piece of wood I made.

A couple of days later I decided to use the name for the whole exhibition: I guess I am not. Bearing this this in mind, I started to prepare the material and to make the review of everything that has happened to me while making this exhibition and at the end of the text I realized that just one more word was missing from the sentence; I Guess I am Not... Humble